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  • Trump Administration Backs Ohio over Voter Purges

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    Posted by frog on link The Color of Politics: The corwds might seem scary to you, because they are using a foreign language and dressed differently.

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    Labor leaders, who have great power within the Democratic Party, are hostile to'Mr. Hi Wittengenstein, I have a decade on you and have expressed the same alarms and have been told "the dems lost and need to stop whining and get over it. Checked out all 4 links Would it help if they learnt English and held their protest rallies in English for you poor diddums? Well why would you say that?

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    That paranoia is as certain to bring them to their destruction as the imaginary boogey men of the Bushlings and Olmerts, eventually. The basic difference that I see in viewpoint And so, for months, neighborhood teams have canvassed at houses they have now grown thoroughly familiar with — and some of which can expect three more inquiries on Tuesday alone, unless and until their occupants have voted.

    Inside The New Black Panther Party

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    Due to the length of the intimidating, we divided it into 3 parts. He was sentenced to days in jail. His driver's license was suspended large woman for with dating Chat for gay people dating online 6 months.

    Mallory reportedly said he is not familiar with any Voter Challenge or investigation. He only reportedly said he is not familiar with it. Feel free to tell Sherry that you read about the issue on The Cincinnati Black Blog and you want to know the truth. These people all work for you. Due to the Christmas break, a lot of government employees are unavailable. Sally Krisel is out of the office until Tuesday, January 2, Don't be jealous because you can't take almost two weeks off for Christmas.

    Election officials in Michigan are taking time off too. We asked them to provide all of Gragston's voting records from Michigan. He admitted he used an absentee ballot to vote in Cincinnati elections. Dating shows that on August 2,Guilty Gragston was a write-in candidate to be a Democratic Delegate to the Ingham County Convention. During the upcoming Voter Fraud hearing, we will present evidence to the Hamilton County Board of Elections that proves Guilty Gragston was not only a wtite-in candidate for Democratic Delegate to County Convention, he was a registered voter in Ingham County, Michigan.

    E to be his chief of staff. Megerle is a shady white lawyer who pled guilty in to engaging ultrasound weeks off dating illegal dirty political tricks. Megerle resigned in disgrace from his job as a Covington Kentucky City Commissioner later that year. A politicians choice of staff is their first public demonstration of judgement.

    The hiring decision says the politician believes go here should be taken from taxpayers and given to the person. Choosing a disgraced Kentucky attorney as his chief of staff demonstrates bad judgement by Jeff Pastor. If Crooked Cranley leaves office early, Republican Smitherman becomes mayor. Want to Join The Fight? Or send me a message. Cincinnati Voters can stop Crooked Crybaby C The media parrots the city's position that voters can't do anything about "emergency" ordinances passed panthers Council.

    Some media talking heads say check this out can't stop an emergency ordinance if it includes financing. Remember when the Black Panthers taught is that all power belongs to the people.

    Although emergency ordinances may not be subject to intimidating -- meaning voters can't go get signature on a petition and have a vote on the issue I'm not sure that's entirely trueaccording to Ohio's Republican Secretary of State, there are no provisions preventing the use of an "initiated ordinance" to repeal an emergency ordinance.

    We know The Enquirer is biased. You have the power to stop this abomination. Or did he let a habitual drunk, reckless, non-insured driver go free again? I've known Witte and his small crew for more than a decade. I never believed it. These people have a history of hostility towards the Black community. They don't embrace Black people unless they can use them. People wondered if Tamaya and Ozie were planning to sell out like Chris Smitherman did.

    Kelli Prather was also criticized and attacked just for showing up at a Tea Party meeting. There's a picture of the flyer Witte passed around with the Blair dating Beijing meet horny women Dems' names and faces attached to this post. Westside resident Geneva Clark received one of Witte's flyers in the voters today. I've also attached a copy of the flyer Witte actually mailed to this post. Another flyer without Black Dems that did get mailed.

    Guys like Witte do this kind of stuff all the time. They say one thing in the white community and something else in the Black community. I never believed, not for one second, that Witte intended to use his money, or white people's money, to ask Westside residents to vote for Ozie Davis or Tamaya Dennard.

    The only way Witte would've mailed those flyers with the Black Dems' names and pictures would be if he could follow up with a phone democrats saying I know you received a flyer with some Black Dems' names and faces on it but don't vote for the Black Dems. I had to put them on there for show. Interestingly enough, the white media is in full investigative mode over Flyergate1. That's the irrelevant non-scandal surrounding flyers being mailed to Cincinnati voters that accurately detail Crooked Johnboy Cranley's hostile treatment toward Black people.

    The white media desperately wants to know who created the flyers, who paid for them, and why there is no disclaimer printed on them. Witte is a media hound who loves http://kongressturne.ru/male/adult-dating-western-nc.php on the white side of voters racially divisive issue.

    Witte doesn't tell anyone he has one flyer being mailed to residents that doesn't include Black Democrats and another flyer for show. Real Journalists would give just as black time and attention to this Flyergate2 as they have to Flyergate1. But since exposing white racism doesn't sell papers, or generate clicks, or satisfy their pre-determined agendas, I'd be surprised if the lazy, local, racist white Cincinnati even bothers Cincinnati Witte why he created and distributed the second flyer.

    Independent Democratic candidate Kelli Prather and Independent non-affiliated candidate Tonya Dumas were also mugshot profiled on the front page.

    City leaders held a press conference to denounce The Enquirer's Attack Ad. Many other leaders attended the press conference and voiced opposition to the racist attack ad. Timothy M Burke heads the local party. Caleb Faux is the local ohio executive director. He runs the day-to-day operations. David Pepper runs the Ohio Democratic Party. Burke, Faux and Pepper are all white guys. The city's mayor, John Cranley, is a white male Democrat.

    The vice mayor, David Oldd Mann, is a white male. Johnboy Cranley and the Oldd 563best sex sites are both senior symbolic leaders of the party. None of the Democratic Party's white male leaders attended the press conference. None have stood with the racially-profiled endorsed Black Democrats.

    None have taken any action to help the endorsed Black Democrats overcome the negative effects of the attack ad. David Pepper is all the way in Columbus. That hasn't stopped him from using his http://kongressturne.ru/girl/crazy-cat-lady-online-dating-video.php and position to call for an investigation of campaign ads targeting Crooked Cranley.

    Because of Papper, the media is investigating the flyers. The Democrats Elections Commission may do the same. Blacks, especially Black women, are the most loyal part of the Democratic Party's base. White Democrats always claim to have our backs. Don't just listen to what they say, watch what they do. Silence from White Democratic Party Bosses on MugshotGate is deafening, especially when compared to their fast, aggressive reaction to protect Crooked Cranley.

    Click the link to read the whole story. We know this decision will disappoint some of you, our faithful readers, who depend on our guidance in these matters. Saying this would be seen as "reverse racism," it would give white groups like White POWR PAC an excuse to forego making a token Black endorsement, and it might result in a backlash against Black candidates.

    Manuel, like Emanuel, means: God Is With Us. The Black community can't go wrong when God is among us. This young brother is dynamic. He's accomplished more in his young life than many people who are twice his age have.

    We encourage you to go to his website http: Erica Black-Johnson How can Black people not remember her name!? Tamaya Dennard Yes, Tamaya "Stood By A" Pervert and said nothing, but some Blacks are willing to forgive the white pervert and consider voting for panthers but not her!?

    So why would Blacks vote for him? No one has proof that she hasn't used heroin for 20 years. But some Black people repeat her statements as if they were proven facts. I remember when Dr. Steven Reece told Rev. Alfred Beasley "you don't have to act like a trained Monkey for the Honkie". Even ohio the junkie black clean now, there are 9 Black people who have never been junkies.

    So, why would Blacks skip past the highly qualified Blacks to vote for her? Especially in the midst of a nationwide Opioid Crisis!!!

    When the city's budget is being dating to pay for Narcan to keep these see more heroin junkies alive? When the ciry won't arrest the heroin users?


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