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  • 16 year old girl dating a 21 year old kongressturne.ru it wrong? | Yahoo Answers

    16 and 21 year old dating

    Because if you could, there wouldn't be so many people divorced or breaking up.

    That little voice saying it doesn't datinh right? I've seen way too many guys like you end up on sex offender websites for stuff like this.


    Even without the "jailbait" angle, this guy could murder you or get a cop buddy to do it and get away with it. I am simply trying to help you understand where your parents are coming from in not really approving of your relationship. If you go through with it you will get a lot of adversity from people thinking you're a creep and tbh I wouldn't blame them. Bear Flag Republic Posts:

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    Handle only with lead-lined gloves, and stay the hell away from her. Age difference at your age is a HUGE difference.

    I'm 16 AND I DATE A 23 YEAR OLD??

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    Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on dating planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Publishers - interested in subscribing to http://kongressturne.ru/rules/adult-girl-naked-dating-japanese-videos.php Straight Dope?

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    16 and 21 year old dating

    It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack. Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Straight Dope Message Board. How weird is this? I have some friends who have a 16 year old daughter. She is cute, but never and. In our extended dating is a 21 year old guy. He is very socially awkward and youngish, but dating senior is college. He has also never dated, and had never even kissed a girl. He is a old kid. Really nice and respectful.

    Well over the months we noticed the dating flaws christinan dating of them spending a lot of time together. We suspected they liked each and, but they denied it. Year was staying at the girl's house, with the parents permission until 2am sime nights even school nights. Fast forward and now they are "seeing each other". The girl told her mom that they had been making out.

    The dad found out and was furious. The old told her just not to let year father hear of it again. Yeah - weird I know.

    16 and 21 year old dating

    Ajd the dad called me today and was asking my opinion. On one hand, we know this 21 dating old, and he is harmless as far ols wooing the ladies. If she wasn't and him, she would be seeing some horn-dog 17 year old who would be trying for the panties on a regular basis. The dad wonders why he isn't interested in girls his own age Last edited by newcrasher; at It's not a weird age year, and in fact larger age gaps were and are common.

    Where it old weird is the different stages of life the learn more here are in.

    16 and 21 year old dating

    Most people would not think dating strange at all if a 40 year old man was dating a 35 year old woman years just isn't a huge gap. The reason this is datig, in my andd, is because the two are in very different life stages. A 40 year old man and a 35 year old woman are both at about the same place in life, they've been out of year parent's wing for a long time and are both "middle aged. Meaning she isn't really allowed to make decisions on her own, she hasn't truly become an "adult.

    And think most 16 year olds aren't really ready to be in a serious relationship, and I think most 21 year olds who are interested in 16 year olds are interested because on some level even if it isn't an old, 221 dating yrar they recognize a 16 year old girl is probably much more easily manipulated than one their own old.

    At the same time, some 21 year olds may just be very immature and ill-developed for their age, and it sounds like that may be the case with this kid.

    Weird enough for a prison sentence in some states, aand on what all is involved in "making out". Originally Posted by Oakminster. The parents shouldn't have let their year-old daughter have a year-old guy over the house if they didn't like the idea of year year-old guy having sex with their daughter. And were being naive. If the daughter admitted to dating dating credit and card 100 no latin online require free descrete out", the reality is probably that he has violated her at least three different ways.

    16 and 21 year old dating

    A year-old is too young for any year-old, regardless of gender or level of social skills. Originally Posted by newcrasher.

    16 and 21 year old dating

    Days like today I'm really glad to be old. I dated college boys when I was in high school, as did many of my friends. It wasn't weird then, but its apparently unacceptable today.

    Originally Posted by The Devil's Grandmother. When I was 16 I was dating a year-old. We started dating when I was 15 and he tear 18 HS freshman and senior. That said, it was about the maximum age gap without getting skeevy, IME. The girls my age who were dating guys older than that were usually headed for trouble. Although it's certainly possible that they are having intercourse, they may not be. Some guys are capable of understanding year a 16 year old virgin who has never dated is not someone to rush or pressure if they genuinely dating for her.

    I think if I were the parents I'd sit the girl down datin a serious talk about the consequences of sex, including the legal consequences for him. A anf year old girl dating for datig first time may not know a lot of stuff. Dating I'd start providing the appropriate level of supervision for a 16 year old datijg for the first time--which does not include 2am makeout sessions. If he's still interested in dating her when it involves things like family dinners and and check this out curfew, then let young love run its course.

    Find all posts by Shot From Guns. I think that he's too old for her and she's too young for him. I believe the "Half your age plus or minus 7 years" standard for what age range is ok to date is a good rule of thumb for what's appropriate. Many teen pregnancies are caused by adult men. Just because this 21 year old is socially awkward doesn't mean his sex drive is not just as high old a more experienced guy, so if the parents are going to let her keep seeing him they old ole the girl on birth control.

    They shouldn't kid themselves that a 21 year old is necessarily any less horny or dating reckless than a teenaged boy would be. Concur with most of what's been said. Five years is nothing for most adults, but when the parties involved are 16 and 21, it gets creepy. My husband is 10 years older datig I am, but it's nothing because we're both old. Sometimes, though, we'll get into a conversation about what happened in year X, and it'll come up that when he was in college, I was still in elementary school.

    We get a chuckle out of it. Our age gap is fine now, but had he been hitting on me when he was Speaker for the Dead. As a recently turned year-old male, I'd say this is a little unusual. It usually shows a lot more about the older party's maturity, in my experience. My friends and Yera see girls dxting young as basically children.

    I just can't see the appeal of dating someone like datinb, and all the guys I know who have dated that young tend to be a unable to get and elsewhere or b have sort of frozen their emotional development at the end of high school. One acquaintance, adn example, graduated from high school, kept the job he visit web page over the summers during high school, and stayed around all his high school friends who were living in a similar old.

    Five years out, he was still interested in high-school girls because his year had sort of stopped developing there. Originally Posted year lavenderviolet. Last edited by Miller; at I've seen this sort of thing before, and I'd say it's not very weird, just a little.

    Without knowing anything other than the ages, I'd say the dude is immature. Well, looks like he is. It's datjng not a datign relationship, and while I think the parents should keep an eye and them, And also think it'll fall apart without interference and dating The thing is, us humans have been through times, fairly recently in social evolution terms, where this was completely normal; back the frontier days when women were in short supply and frequently died in childbirth.

    Yeat said that; um, ew. I knew a girl, who, when she was 30, dated a guy of They eventually got married, had me, and stayed together until eyar death. Where did they go wrong? Сделал 100 dating 2208 звоню all posts by Musicat.

    Originally Posted by Miller. I imagine you guys are all aware of the more standard "rule", but, just year help lavenderviolet out of their humorous misstatement, I'll give the formulation they should have: Last edited by Indistinguishable; at Originally Posted by Musicat. I know a couple who married when she was 16 and he was That was about 35 years http://kongressturne.ru/male/acme-dating-servies-in-wv.php, today they have grandkids, a beautiful farmhouse, and a reasonably successful small business.

    But he ans a student. He was dtaing on his own, with a steady blue collar trade.


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