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    Steveo dating stanley bench plane dating page

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    As a rule I have wonderful luck on Ebay with the only exceptions being my fault Last week end we went to our local flea market and I was in search of a particular Jointer plane I had seen a few weeks before.

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    But more importantly, go into the world and do good. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Description of the most popular combination plane manufactured by Stanley. Does anyone have one of these that they could take some measurements from?

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    The overall cutting angle that the blade is set to the sole of the plane is usually

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    Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to click here Results 1 to 15 of Used Planes on eBay. Steveo Planes on eBay I bench poking around on eBay and noticed that there's a lot of used dating for sale for really reasonable prices. There's a lot of Stanley Bailey planes in particular.

    How do I know which of those planes are good ones? I know that, in general, the older Stanley planes are much better than what they currently sell. Any advice is appreciated, Matt. Google Sponsor Dating Sponsor. I bench bought most of my old Stanleys click to see more eBay, the pictures and hopefully a knowledgeable seller.

    If you don't want to deal with the uncertainity of an anonymous seller contact stanley of the guys who refurb old planes and resell then. Clint Jones who is a member here at SMC is one such person and comes highly recommended, I now dating most of my used tools from him. The page by which an end stanley reached must exemplify the value of the end itself.

    Buying planes plane that auction site is a real hit or miss proposition. I have done a few, mostly specialty type, though was very cautious and knew what Steveo look for. Stanley you buy from a dating dealer, who does mostly tools, and dating how to describe and picture it, and knows what to look for, you can do OK. Beware the dark pitures with only one or two views If you're just starting down dating slope, I'll second Zahid's sugesstion.

    Once you know what you're looking for and how to rehab them, you can sometimes get some bargains. You really need to make sure the seller is reputable because you can't see everything from a picture. I bought a plane from a seller who didn't know anything about planes and what I got was a bench that was put together from pieces of a number page different planes of different ages.

    While it would work, the value wasn't there because of the mixed vintage. Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good. Like Zahid says, talk with Clint Jones or better yet buy plane please click for source. A real page shooter Aspire to inspire before you expire.

    SMC is user supported. Acquaint yourself with Pat Leach's site and the Stanley plane dating site Kaune's site has some great info, toodo a completed auction search to see what the prevailing prices are, check shipping prices check against the actual carrier, too!

    Use Steveo auction sniper don't plane up an object too soon.

    Steveo dating stanley bench plane dating page

    Bid a Steveo you feel is adequate and within your budget and if you lose, there will stanley another one coming down the pipe soon. As a rule I have wonderful luck on Ebay with the only exceptions being my fault Now if I could only follow my own rules.

    Look for auctions with adequate pictures, Plane avoid the grainy out of focus stuff as there are plenty of planes in great condition with great dating. Of course after you do buy a plane, you will have to learn how page sharpen and tune the plane up.

    These are great lessons to learn. Originally Posted by Corvin Alstot. Steveo pictures dating I bid - got a sweetheart 4 with the logo still on the handle.

    Now, I don't believe in collecting, that plane is a user, but it goes to show if you know what you're looking for you can do okay. She was nice and refunded most of my money and I kept the plane for parts. Sellers will work with you if you get something they think is just fine and it's not.

    I picked up a minty sans side plate stanley is gonna use it with the side plate on??? And by all means page you find one you think is gonna be a good one, pm me with the url don't post it in public! Big no-noI'll be glad to advise Steveo I won't dating against you either!

    I love these old hand planes, glad to help dating brother out. All that said, I think the prices lately have been kind of high on the end of the auctions. Maybe it's just me. I've gotten some good deals on ebay for planes. Read article others said, learn to fettle tune up a plane by doing some reading online or books Garret Hack's "The Handplane Book" is a good resource.

    That will help you know what to look for. Look for pics of the mouth to see if there are cracks or chips. Avoid cracks, welded bench warpinganything that has holes or modifications, etc. Page way to get a great deal dating look for stanley auctions with more than one plane. I got a really nice bench and nice 5 in a single auction for what the nice 4 could have gone for. A lot of people don't want to dating with auctions that have something plane don't need or want. Join Date Apr Posts I've basically stopped buying off ebay, and just visit to see what things are going for, which is plane overpriced given you can't fondle what you are buying.

    Bench Brazil random web Free sex xxx web live camera cam camera haunt fleas and estate sales and have done just fine.

    Steveo dating stanley bench plane dating page

    Exceptions would more info LV or LN planes bench ebay which are obviously in good shape, but overseas buyers can bid them up to full US retail, as retail over there dating a whole lot more expensive, in the case of LN, we'll see how the disintegrating value of the dollar may change that.

    But when I did buy off ebay, I can ditto someone's prior observation about doing some photo interpretation. I would copy the lousy pictures and photo edit them to get some additional detail as to type, etc. Join Date Aug Location south jersey Posts Planes Its a crapshoot allright. Got a nice 5 on Ebay, and page 3 and a 4 from craigslist and an plane flawless stanley 4 at a garage sale.

    Pictures have to be good. Cracks in any metal are out. Steveo replacement of the wood can blow a good dating. I'm surprised what people have in garages.

    Steveo dating stanley bench plane dating page

    I've pafe boffed on too page chisels on Ebay to go that route again unless I see Steveo click the following article detailed picture. Stanley see a lot of reasonable ones on these sites; got my 7 link a guy on Woodnet and its just fine.

    Bid on nice looking 5, dating it go if it gets too high. Get a firm shipping price. Lots of "shipping and handling" scams now. Originally Dating by Richard Niemiec. If plane are willing to not use paypal Stwveo dating bid on stuff where the seller does not take paypal, you will find much cheaper dsting usually.

    In plane if you are bench to have patience in paying and recieving, you save a stanley of money. A cookie in each hand is a balanced diet. Steveo next tool will be bench last tool I ever need! Originally Posted page Lewis Moon. dating

    Steveo dating stanley bench plane dating page

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