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    Subsequently, only data of selected districts from four states were included in the analyses.

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    The multivariate model showed similar patterns of age-specific survival advantages for female patients across CRC subsites, suggesting independence of disease localization of survival advantages of women P -value for interaction term 0. Life shouldn't be this unfair for one person. Brenner H, Hakulinen T Up-to-date and precise estimates of cancer patient survival: Br J Cancer

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    The difference in 5-year relative survival was most pronounced in patients under 65 years of age, with the exception of patients aged 45—49 years. If this interests you - even just a little - please feel free to contact me with whatever questions you might have. Koo JH, Leong RW Sex differences in epidemiological, clinical and pathological characteristics of colorectal cancer. Among patients with localized disease, a survival advantage of women was seen at all ages. I drink socially and smoke cigarettes.

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